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New Focus on Technology

Largentum was to focus on more complex business problems that addresses what our customers needed to increase profitability. Our consultants provided new or extending capabilities for our clients through the use of advanced methodologies, tools, training, and technology that provided a competitive edge. The company first applied these new approaches in healthcare, which is going through a major transformation in operational performance and cost management. The existing client verticals were then offered these new services in lean six sigma, innovation, marketing, and of course, project management. The current primary industry verticals include retail, finance, healthcare, hospitality, transportation, oil and gas, government, services, and cloud based software services.

Our retail clients are faced eroding market share, every increasing global competition, brand erosion, security threats, employee dissatisfaction, and customer departures. This sectors fierce competition requires company to think differently, change, and execute or be a victim of sector consolidation. We work under the radar with our clients and give them more margin with existing sales, better operational performance, and new revenue growth opportunities.

Hospitality was once a booming sector but then hit with a global economic slow down and the fact remains the customers will spend there dollars very sparingly. Yet, some companies in this sector are doing fantastic while others are on a spiral towards ever increasing financial loses. We can help you solve your problems providing new insights on revenue opportunities, mapping of your customers decision, cost reduction opportunities through efficiencies, employee retention, and much more.

The financial sector remains strong after a significant downturn just a few years earlier, but are the operational efficiencies where they need to be to maximize profitability. With the heavy volume of transactions in this sector it is critical that efficiencies take place at every opportunity and that innovation becomes a tool for positive results.

Oil and Gas expenditures on exploration and operation are a significant amount of the expenses on the P&L. We can show you how to make efficients in operations that can potentially save millions of dollars. These savings have already been noted in the industry but 97% of the sector has not yet discovered how to capture these opportunities. Let us help you keep the money that your earn and retain more earnings for future opportunities.

Public transportation is the life blood of the economy but its a sector that has not yet fully taken advantage of process and technology changes to make the transportation experience more enjoyable and profitable. We have proprietary solutions going in transport and are seeing significant revenue and customer loyalty improvements with these clients. Lets us share with you our solution to help you in this area and give you the same opportunities for growth.

Cloud Computing and Software-As-A-Service is here to stay and is just starting to make major industry changes for business, consumers, and government. Companies like Microsoft, Adobe,, IBM, Google, Amazon, Apple, NetFlix, DirecTV, and many others have found that selling their software as a service is a great way to have repeatable revenue streams. We can help your company expand its SaaS solutions based on an analytical approach to determine the best opportunities for your business and/or provide a SaaS solution for you. We can take on a role as part of your team to develop your project or outsource complete projects that require less than 100 people to develop. Of course, all of efficiency, marketing, lean six sigma, and project management capabilities are also available to this sector.

Healthcare has always been an important industry vertical for us and we are able to help healthcare providers select the appropriate analytical based technology solution, supply resources to work on projects, perform lean six sigma to improve efficiency, manage major transitional readiness, and provide innovative customer experiences for the patients journey. Our knowledge base allows for the fusion of the best ideas across multiple industry sectors and delivers a compelling solution for our clients.

The services sector remains strong and in order to operate profitably it must operate with excellent efficiency. We can manage projects for your, improve operational efficiencies, spark up innovation, and provide technology to your operation through our software team.

Government is challenged to deliver an enormous amount of services and benefits at an operationally viable cost point. We can help government agencies achieve this through lean six sigma, project management, innovative approaches, and software development.

Our suite of services are designed to maximize the benefit for our clients by providing a moderately price solution that is a winner in the marketplace. The industry verticals listed here are the dominant verticals but other verticals that have an interest in project management, operational efficiency, innovation, and software development resources should also take a good look at what we have to offer. If we can, we would be glad to help you amp up your success!