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Software productivity is much more than cranking out lines of code, its about efficiently generating a production of high quality code that provides value to customers. An efficient algorithm is better than thousands of lines of code that waste computing resources and frustrate the customer's experience. Largentum Lean Revenue Optimization LRO consultants can help drive your software productivity to new levels. There are numerous approaches to measures productivity (LOC, function points, feature points, etc.), efficiency, output, and performance. We believe that a balanced set of metrics is the best approach to this important topic.

Many years ago, Capers Jones and SPR developed a function point (FP) estimation technique called "backfiring" wherein a table of common programming languages was produced identifying the approximate number of logical source statements (not to be confused with physical lines of code) of each language that correlated roughly with a single function point. Of course, as even novice FP counters know, there is no such thing as a single FP. FP values come in small groups of three, four, or more, depending on the functional type and relative complexity. So it should be apparent that backfiring is at best theoretical.

Software Productivity Research (SPR) offers a broad range of training courses that support our tools, measurement initiatives, functional metrics, quality programs, and project management techniques. Each of these courses can be customized to meet our clients’ particular requirements.

The software industry is constantly changing: new tools and technologies, new business problems, and new challenges. In every organization, timely, accurate management of projects is a priority. Professional management of the software engineering process requires constant measurement and calibration against benchmarks to effectively manage and improve performance. In addition, consulting includes deployment of appropriate tools and techniques to allow the organization to operate independently for the long term.