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Engineering metrics provide the organization with the ability to control the development process through the use of data. There are always two questions three questions to ask about data 1)What is the cost of acquiring the data 2)Does the data provide meaningful information enablement 3) Is the data accurate. Here are other insights about engineering metrics.

By starting with defined benchmarks and measurable goals, engineering firms can design a sustainable and profitable business model. Businesses, like projects, succeed when reporting processes are in place and results are not only communicated but acted upon timely.

A look at metrics on quality, cost, and performance across all phases of the system engineering process. The metrics need to be predictive of the future and not a historical reactive data set. By being predictive organizations can lower their engineering development costs.

This is a guest post from James Slavet of venture firm Greylock Partners.

After years of leading teams and then, at Greylock, watching some of the best startup CEOs in the world, I’ve learned that the most important metrics are often ones you never read about on the income statement or in the financial press.