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Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) provides the overall management of the product portfolio during all phases of its lifecycle. Largentum Lean Revenue Optimization LRO consultants can help you take advantage of your PLM process to generate more revenues. This includes the initial decision of what products and services to invest in, how much to invest based on ROI, the feature requirements, the introduction of the product to manufacturing the launch, market life, and retirement.

Companies that are unable to measure the performance of their product development processes have little or no chance of successfully competing with today’s best-in-class product makers. Metrics-driven improvement programs differentiate industry leaders from the rest of the pack. Companies must be able to understand how well they perform and how this performance affects their financial bottom line if their improvement initiatives are to deliver a meaningful return on investment.

Based on a survey to determine key factors in higher performing PLM organizations.

A source of product marketing information for PLM managers.