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Market leadership is a powerful way to lead in your market and involves your company taking on a focused improvement in 1)product leadership or 2) customer intimacy or 3)operational excellence. An Operational Excellent organization will provide a quality product or service at the lowest price at the greatest service level for its customer base. Companies will who want to dominate will focus on one key discipline and be reasonably good in the other disciplines. Operational Excellence is often linked to Lean Six Sigma because it involves optimization of all the core organizational capabilities.

What is Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence Consulting - This video presents a definition of Operational Excellence as one of three distinct strategies or value propositions an organization can choose from to compete and ultimately become a market leader in its market or industry.

A simple explanation of what is lean six sigma and how you increase "flow" and getting faster.

A quick example of six sigma and how this powerful methodology can be used.